Econobum: Trial Pack 1 Diaper Cover 3 Prefolds
Econobum Trial
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Econobum prefold
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Econobum Cloth Diapers are a cloth diaper solution for every budget, allowing you to affordably diaper your baby from birth to potty training.
Econobum™ Trial Pack:
1 Diaper Cover 3 Prefolds
Econobum diagram Econobum diagram
Econobum diagram
Fabric Content
Cover: 100% Laminated Polyester
Prefold: 100% Unbleached Cotton
Package Includes
1 one-size cover and 3 one-size prefolds.

*Fit is approximate and may vary depending on size and shape of your baby.

Designed by a mom and conscientiously manufactured in the USA (cover) and Pakistan (prefold).
bumGenius, Flip & Econobum are brands created by Cotton Babies, Inc.